Baton Is Passed But Will The People Of The East Ever Enjoy The Benefits

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A few days ago, our Prime Minister has decided not to contest in the coming UMNO presidency in March, 2009. With his famous “flip-flop” decision, many still wary of what going to happen prior to the party presidency election. With his current deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, allegedly to have an involvement in the Altantuya case and Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi hinting that he can only hope that Najib will take his seat, what is brewing in the next five month is still an unchartered terrain with uncertainties.


What worries us of what will happened then. If the new Prime Minister takes over, will the same policy for the East Malaysia still be implemented? We are still waiting for the billion ringgits announced for our states to be delivered. 5 months is a very short period of time and if the new Prime Minister takes office, will the monies promised for development be a reality or just empty promises. Even if PR takes over the federal government, will the same situation be happening to us. Some politicians are all talk but no action. We want to see the politician who can walk the talk.


After 45 years merging with Peninsular Malaysia, most of the People of the East are still living as how they are then. No doubt, the development of the cities has been good but the majority of the People lived in the rural areas are still as they were decades ago. We still have to pay more than the Peninsular Malaysia on many items. And with our economy is going downwards, the price of goods has risen more than it should.   


As Sarawakian, it is the nature of most of us to be polite. We always keep to ourselves of our problems. Until to the point, we are being taken for granted. We provide oil for the nation, but yet, we still end up being among the the states with high poverty rate. Why is this so? Are our resources being squandered  by the federal government and leaving us dry?  


When we elected a representative for us, we hope our MPs will do their best to take care of us. Some are doing their jobs but they are restricted to the funds allocated by the federal government. To us, this is a very personal matter and our action are based on how the politician take care of us. So, when we heard that there are secret talks for transition to other party, we felt being taken for granted.  Instead of the federal government doing it, now our elected leaders are doing it. Why are our leaders doesn’t talk to us?  We elected them and now they are making their own decision that may or may not be approved by us. We implored them to at least consulted with the people in their constituencies. Isn’t this is a democratic country? Why must there be secrecy?


Right now. we can only hope whoever going to run the federal government in the future to give more focus on East Malaysia. Give the People of the East the opportunity to be part of the federal government. We are not talking of just the post as ministers, but on managing various government agencies. To date, the numbers of us working for the federal government is still so small and East Malaysia is always the last to be put as priority. Thus development here is slow to reach the rural areas. Funny that even we are bumiputera, but most of us here don’t really benefitted the NEP.  Let alone. ever knowing the existence of it.


Will the new leadership can ensure that East Malaysia will not be taken for granted again? Will we only hear again very pleasing announcement with grandiose events but after that, NOTHING? Well, the Malays are said to be forgetful but we here are not Malays. We still have strong memory. So, please buckle up and make things a reality.


NGAP SAYOT: kamek orang mauk idup mek orang selesa dan nyaman


The Day of Reckoning

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Today is Sept 23, the day of reckoning. Or the day that will pass by and nothing happens. As I write this, we see West Malaysia is in a state of haywire and amazingly all eyes are suddenly on us in the East now. The politicians here are now being looked upon as the KingMakers to decide the fate of the nation. As we muddled through 2008, the state of chaos has resulted a deeper economic hardship to us. While you politicians are fighting each other for political dominance, we the rakyat, are suffering. And yet, you guys still doesn’t sit down and asked of what we really want.  Instead, you continue to create issues that are degenerating our nation into mayhem.


Let us tell you that we, the People of the East want this chaotic situation to end. When we became part of Malaysia in 1963, there was a consensus under the Cobbold Commission. It gave each and every one of us the opportunity to show our preference. Now, what we want is a consensus again to determine to whom our allegiance are. Politicians may said they have the support from the people, but do they? All, in all we are the ones suffering from this debacle.


As the day goes by, life is still not going for the better. Anwar’s claim on the Federal Government is on the brink of collapse with some of our MPs wants to jump ship has only worsened the situation. Both sides are saying the other side is the main cause for this mayhem but do they really listening to us? 


When politicians jump to another party, do they follow the wishes of the People? Or do they do it for their political survival? Or do they wish to continue having the perks that come along when being elected as an MP? These madness has to stop and we want due process to be done with the People agreeing to the changes that is going to happen very soon. 


But how do you know that all the People wants change? To be fair to all, if the scenario of politicians started to jump ship, we should immediately hold an election to determine the People’s choice. It would be fair to all and we can determine the People reaction to all that has happened in the year 2008.


We have had enough of some who claim they are the voice of the People. Let the People decides which side they wish to be on. And this will be just for all.



No Political tsunami in Sarawak (ET 31/7) ehm……….

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Political tsunami will not hit sarawak – The headlines for today ETimes… are we to assume all is quiet in the eastern front, while west Malaysia is still rattling from the last election, Sabah is also boiling with some form of issues of discontent…….

Sarawak, land of the horn bills ehmm……..while most of the locals finds developments in the west interesting and views their various opinion with conspiracy theory popping up   and bloggers having a field day playing their cards for who ever interest they might present.

I think the average man opinion is not heard !  while people starts taking sides in all this issues, sooner or later the cancer will spread… I love this states of ours so much so I will give my life for it, as my forefarther did before me. Times have change, people have change, sometime we forget who we are, what we are. I entrust my leaders for my future as of my children, I believe our current state leaders should come down to earth, plant your feet firmly on the ground. Look….further, Hear..more, Listen ….harder, Feel with with your heart, Search your soul……are you doing enough? Did we do the right thing? Are we to believe all is fine,

Echoes around the streets says there are some ripples in the seas, breeze in the wind, clouds in the horizon. There might be a storm coming….. like mother nature, she can give and she can take it away. I have faith in the current leadership and all of my adult life has support all that they have done. I still find life hard, sometimes very hard… But i never given up hope, I still believe that my destiny lies ahead as I must look harder and with a little bit of faith. There are thousands of average man like me out there…… we need your wisdom, guidance and believe that you bring us light. Every men has a breaking point, a price and an opinion.

I Travel extensively through this land of hornbills, and  I still sees many faces of dispair, hardships, neglect, dejected, cheated and left wondering the vast abyss…….Leaders….. look harder, hear more, feel…. search and find them… guide them, comfort them, lead them……but not with promises and hopes. If there is a storm coming…. think of unimaginable, the catastrophe it will bring. When it do hit, EVERYTHING will never be the same…   YST

never forget

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With all the development and progress in Msia, I, too feel proud that we have achieved so much in our short history. As the world around us is getting border-less, and the encroachments of liberal thinking and its many ideas is fast creeping into our minds and souls, my thought of what lies ahead is very terrifying.

Coming from this side of m’sia, I think one should shift a gear back, slow down and ponder if, all of this is right for everyone, are all of us ready to define our individual cultures, believes and tradition is one…? What ever progress and wealth brings, are we willing to share? To help? Are our society of many communities and of totally extreme opposite back ground are able to absorb this definition of progress and what ever win fall and down fall it might bring? We must ask   that every decision we make will effect everyone around us, for good or for worse. We know everyone starts the journey with one step, but fail to realise everyone start from a different platforms. This ultimately will decide the winner….or the loser.

Developments is essential, and its attributes is tremendous, We will always hear our great leaders echoes the war cry ( Grab the many opportunity and be competitive to succeed ). In the world of survival, I believe eveyone is competitive, but in this trying times the playing fields are uneven and unfairness in the rule for the game of life. How many of us has succumbs to defeat, failer, battered and dejected. How does one deals with it, how does many of us handle the pressure. In time will this feeling turns to anger or hatred. What will become of this ? Will it fades away? Will it evolves into something more cynical….ponder. How many of us is willing to share, let alone give back. For those of us in the pinnacles of success and power, What has become of us?  Are we still the same as we were before?  Have we change?  The price we pay is simply shaping tommorrow, for good and bad. Our small world crumble at our feet, for those that believe hard enough will succeed, for those who fail, their world turn to oblivion, and for those who survive will fight another day. The circle will only be broken when one dies and what ever he or she have sowed , he or she will reap.

This are difficult times, but if everyone has that moderation, wisdom, faith and compassion, There hope for everyone. we must not forget that there are people less fortunate, less ambitious, handicapped in many ways and our decision affect so many others. Sometimes we forget, sometime we take for granted, sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we lose faith and for what ever other reasons stand and be counted. What ever lies ahead, how hard it might be, do not stop believing. At the the end of the the day that’s might be all we have….left.


Are We Going to Oblivion?

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2008 is a very interesting year. Malaysia that we know has changed after March 8th. The Blogs has changed the way of communication among us. But it seems the blog has become a platform to just say anything they want without the thought of the effects that it may bring to the nation.

The freedom made available was totally abused by those who just say things as they please. Anonymously, they splurge their comments without thinking. The blog became a place where word of abuse and concoction of facts that it may just be fabricated are so common that if the writer is good in writing it can create the illusion that the story is real. A constant torrent of innuendo, gossip, lies, and half-truths are made so real that readers may conclude that the story is true. 

This brings to the latest development in West Malaysia. The jailing of Raja Petra Kamaruddin whom is the owner of Malaysia Today, a political blog that is inclined towards being anti-establishment. As a blogger, he has the right to publish his thoughts. But when his thoughts started to target individuals on pretext that they have committed wrong-doings and making accusation that yet to be proven, even when it is based on many sources which he uses to prove his points created the illusion of truth in it. All it takes is the comments made on the topics to bring the mind of readers to think that the story is true. Since many commentators are also anti-establishment, they just add fuel to the fire. 

The blog became a one-sided affair where comments that pro-government are rated down or the commentators even being hurled with abuse or the comments are deleted by the admins. If this is freedom, then the freedom is tarnished by those who has the agenda.

The more I read from the blog, I could not stop myself of thinking that it is a ploy by the Power Wannabe to take over the country. From this side of Malaysia, the politics I see there is so ruthless. Politicians will try at anything to have the upper hands. And being the under-dog, they have tried sympathy to gain support which I see was a success. Malaysians as I see most of them are very sympathetic. That’s why TV3 has high ratings on BERSAMAMU. Then when a medium is found, they started doing political assassination and concocting stories. For this case stories that are against the government. And of course as Malaysians, we have the tendency to “jaga tepi kain orang” (peek into others affairs). RPK is just a pawn and he is being put in jail because the puppeteers want him to be in there to smear the government image. To them, RPK is expendable. To them, RPK have to be made a martyr for the so-called greater good. They are even willing to put the People as pawn also. While, the People face the brunt, it is them that will gain from it. Money,, Power, you name it. 

And if the People doesn’t realize it, the consequence will eventually lead us to the path of oblivion.

That’s all for now.